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Traction Battery/Forklift Battery

Traction Battery /Forklift Battery

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Voltage Series:24v、36v、48v、72v、80v、96v
Capaticy Range:100AH-1620AH
              1.Long service life
              2. High discharge rate
              3. Low self-discharge rate
              4. Deep cycle Performance
              5. Super cycling ability
              6. Excellent high current performance
              7. Safe and reliability
              8. Variety of installation
              9. High temperature resistance
              10.Vibration resistance
              11.Wide operating temperature range
Electric forklift、Electric trasporting cars、Electric stacker cars、Electric pallet trucks、Tunnel/metro locomotives、Road vehicles and other deep cycle DC power supply equipment.
ISO9001:2000,ISO14001,ISO/TS16949, SGS,CE,ROHS, SONCAP
The dimension of battery conforms to the standard of GB,BS,DIN,ect.





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